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Hi, I'm Emma

Beautiful Bride to Be:

If I have the honour of being your hair stylist for your big day, I imagine that I will get to know you very well during our communication with each other and be able to witness you sharing so many special moments during the morning of your Best Day Ever. I believe that it is only fair that I share with you a little about me and my own life, both personally and from a business perspective.

I’m Emma and I live in Derbyshire.

I am a mum to two beautiful children, a Wife to my amazing Husband, along with being a Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Niece and loyal friend. I value all of these roles and connections so deeply as I count myself as a very family orientated person, which I am extremely proud of. When I am not working, you will find me out, on an adventure with my little family, trying out new restaurants with my friends or curled up reading a book on the sofa (often based on mindset)

As well as the above, I am also an Award Winning Bridal Specialist, I honestly absolutely love my job and really do think to myself everyday how lucky I am to be doing something that I am so passionate about. – I began my hairdressing journey in 2007, aged 15 as an apprentice at a local salon, I remember these days so clearly and I am so thankful for all I learned during these days.


Following the birth of our daughter in 2013, I took the leap and followed in my Grandads footsteps, becoming self employed, we then went on to have another child, our little boy in 2015. It was when I returned to work after our son, that I began to find a real passion for the actual styling process that came with being a hairdresser. At the end of 2015 I got asked to do my first ever wedding, and although I felt possibly the most nervous I have ever felt, I said yes. I have always been one for stepping out of my comfort zone and rarely ever say no to a new opportunity, I would much rather learn from something that didn’t go as I thought than never know how it could have gone. I'm a real one for trusting the process.


The night before my first wedding, I literally did not sleep, I was full of both nerves and excitement, I couldn’t wait to help get a Bride ready for her Big Day and could only imagine how amazing it would be. The morning went incredible and everything went as planned, I came away on such a high, waving off my Bride as she drove off towards her venue, wiping away a happy tear from my eye.

From that morning on, I have never looked back, I booked on Bridal Courses, researched tutorials online and  began to advertise my newly specialised area. In 2016 I had 7 weddings which I was just over the moon about, then in 2018 I had 39, this is when I knew that my dream really had begun to take place.

2019 was definitely the best year of my career, as I not only had the true pleasure of helping get over 40 Brides ready for the most special day of their lives but also I am so grateful to of won, Bridal Hair Specialist of the Year 2019 at The English Wedding Awards, both Regionally and Nationally, this was a real pinch me moment and to this day I still can not believe it, I had all of my family at the event with me and it really was a beautiful moment, not only in my career but in my life as a whole and I am so thankful to all of the Brides that helped me to get there.

After this real highlight, the dread C word did its thing and unfortunately weddings took a bag seat, however during this time not working, I actually felt so grateful as I was able to spend lots of time in our family bubble, which is priceless and at night time when I had put the children to bed, you would find me in my kitchen, trying out lots of new hairstyles on my dolls head which was so much fun. I also rebranded the business and then began my PTTL training which I successfully completed in November 2020, meaning I am now a fully qualified trainer of my trade.  

I was super pleased when Weddings were given the green light again and could not wait to get back into the zone with my Brides, I really did not realise how much I had missed these mornings until they were back. They are really so special, filled with endless amounts of love, joy and sometimes a little chaos, (but they are the moments you will look back and giggle at). There have been times where I have helped others get dressed, got a Bride's dress done up, adjusted page boys trousers with bobby pins and I am sure that I am now a pro in putting on button holes, but I love it all and that is what makes my job so very special. 

Weddings really took off for me at the end of 2021 and at the beginning of 2022, I took a look at my business and decided that from then onwards, I would only focus on Weddings and teaching, so now that is what I do, and I could not be happier with the way things have turned out - again, with thank you to all of the previous bookings that I have been to lucky to have.

Following the win at The English Weddings awards, I am super proud to say that I have been lucky enough to win a few more awards, I became a finalist in TWIA, Bronze in The British Hair and Beauty Awards, and winner of The Wedding Incorporated Awards.

Although these awards do mean a lot to me, what means the very most is the connection and trust I create with the Bride and Bridal party, the happiness we share together and the incredible moment when you are all ready to leave to walk down the aisle, feeling the best you have ever felt and seeing your smile. That is what really means the world.


Meet Emma

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  • What areas do you cover?
    I am based in the Midlands, UK, however there is no limit as to where I cover, if required, I cover all areas both within the UK and internationally. Depending upon the distance, a hotel stay may be required along with additional travel, this can be discussed upon your consultation.
  • How long in advance should I consider booking?
    To answer this briefly, I would advise on booking and securing your Big Day as soon as you have made a date. I do only take on a certain number of bookings a year and weekends are extremely popular, my diary is usually open 3 years in advance.
  • How much do you charge?
    You can find my costings here
  • Are trials included?
    Trials are priced separately to the quote given for the day of the wedding/occasion. If you would like a trial on the run up to yours, this can be arranged between us.
  • Is a deposit required to secure my date?
    Yes, a small deposit of just £40 is required to secure the date of your wedding, this will be taken off the final amount of your balance, which is payable 48 hours prior to your wedding date.
  • Does the price include travel?
    All quotes include fifteen minutes of travel to the chosen destination and 15 minutes return, so a round trip of half hour. Travel time is then £10 for every 15 minutes thereafter.
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